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Wings for All®

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Wings for All® is an innovative program that allows individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to experience boarding a plane so they can become comfortable and familiar with the process. Those with IDD can be very sensitive to external stimuli and unfamiliar situations. The beeping of a metal detector, stress of being surrounded by strangers, and the noise of a plane taking off can be overwhelming, and as a result, many families forgo much-needed travel.

During a Wings for All® event, families are invited to complete the boarding process at a participating airport so that individuals with IDD can experience the sights and sounds in a more controlled environment. By introducing this experience before a person with IDD actually boards a plane to go on a trip, families are more equipped to navigate this potentially overwhelming event. Wings for All® is held at local airports thanks to their collaboration with The Arc, participating airlines, TSA agents, flight attendants, and pilots.

Upcoming Wings Events!

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Past Wings Events!

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