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Life Lessons


Life Lessons is a sexual health education program funded through the South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council. Designed for staff, caregivers, and parents of individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability, Life Lessons challenges myths, stereotypes, and misinformation regarding sexual health and people with I/DD. 


Life Lessons covers a wide range of thought-provoking, nuanced topics, including:

  • Inequalities that people with I/DD face, and how we can help lessen those inequalities

  • What the law says about people with I/DD and consent to sexual activity

  • Strategies for addressing inappropriate sexual behavior

  • The importance of respecting consumers' privacy and sexual desires

  • Ways to recognize and work through our own biases when handling difficult situations

The goal of Life Lessons is to get people talking about and thinking about these issues, which, along with being difficult to talk about, are far from cut-and-dry.

Although in-person trainings are not being held at this time, resources and information are still available.


For more information, contact us via email at

or by calling (803) 748-5020.

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