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is the best gift you can ever give.

Best Buddies registration is only open in August and September of each year. The program runs through the University of South Carolina's academic school year.

Buddy Applications must be received and approved by September  30th.


The Arc of South Carolina is a host site coordinator for the University of South Carolina's Best Buddies College Program.

The Best Buddies College Program pairs young adults from the community with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (Buddies) in one-on-one friendships with college students (Peer Buddies). College Peer Buddies volunteer their time and offer individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) the chance to explore a new way of life through socialization and friendship. Associate Members are chapter members who are not paired with a Buddy, but assist with planning activities and events, and can attend group activities.

The USC Best Buddies program is a one year commitment where individuals with IDD are paired with a college peer buddy with the common purpose of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to have a friend. Members are invited to group activities planned by the chapter leadership team. Some examples of activities include holiday parties, sporting events, volunteer projects, and community-based outings.  As a matched member, you make a commitment to contact your buddy once a week via phone, text, or email. Also, buddy pairs will make plans to get together twice a month. Many buddies enjoy eating lunch together, going to school sporting events together, or just hanging out after school. The goal is to foster natural friendships between two people. 

Please note that it is a club requirement that both Peer Buddy and Buddy complete a monthly check-in to ensure that everyone is following through with their commitment to the program.

**Transportation is not included in our Best Buddies program because many of our student volunteers don't have access to vehicles. Parents, guardians, or caregivers are responsible for transportation to and from Best Buddies events and activities.**

To participate in a chapter, all members must complete a Best Buddies membership application. You can use the link provided below or visit  and complete the online membership application there.  Be sure to check out the resources below.

The Arc of South Carolina is not affiliated with Best Buddies International.

We are a host site for the University of South Carolina's Best Buddies program.

Contact us at or (803) 748-5020

if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

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